FRANK COIRO age 75 was a MARINE VETERAN and former NYS trooper and in later life worked in sales until he retired. Before the Vietnam War he had survived a Recon mission he volunteered for, and during his life numerous health issues including diabetes, a stroke and cancer and in April of 2018 went into stage 4 Renal Failure.


 August 1 when he went into Stage 5 Renal Disease and went into the hospital. I (DIANA LENSKA) fought to get him the care he deserved as a veteran. After 9 days in the hospital he went into a rehabilitation facility for three weeks, lost 38 pounds, was walking 150 feet on his own and went down to about stage 4 renal. He looked the best I had ever seen him and I was so happy that he was getting the care and the chance for a few more years at life. "Then" he went into an assisted living facility and after having a fistula put in his arm for dialysis on September 17, 2018 gained all the weigh back rapidly and spiraled downward.  He went from 232 lbs to 276 lbs rapidly after the fistula surgery.  At his death he weighed in at 299 lbs.  He was having breathing problems but the home, the doctors, the VA all denied this until I discovered the proof they did know.


I spoke to Frank everyday on the phone and I saw him a couple of times each week. He asked me on Wednesday, October 24 to look up medical malpractice attorneys for him, as in his own words, "His doctors weren't taking care of him and he wasn't being treated well." The last time I saw him alive was on Friday October 26 when I took him out for dinner. I had been concerned for several weeks and told the home and the doctors what my concerns and Franks were and why the delay in his dialysis but no answer was given.  We kept being told EVERYTHING WAS ALRIGHT.  I had been under the mistaken belief that he was being taking care of by the home and his doctors and didn't learn the truth until it was too late.  Even Frank didn't realize what had been done to him but he knew something was wrong.  But we kept being told EVERYTHING WAS FINE.


After his death I learned that for ten days before he died of a heart attack due to ESRD the night staff had not been answering his bell when he was ringing for help and the Head night nurse Paula was heard by a resident yelling at him and arguing with him on October 23rd. Frank was slowly dying at this time and all he received was abuse and neglect at the home.  Doctors had not followed up on his fistula and paperwork and documents were missing or never sent or received and the home never knew until I questioned them that The Doctor who performed the surgery on September 17 to create the fistula dropped Frank as a patient on October 2 and no-one knew or contacted me to tell me this. Even his regular Kidney doctor claimed he didn't know. This is just the tip of the iceberg. FRANK NEVER HAD THE PROPER FOLLOW UP CARE TO THE FISTULA SURGERY SINCE THE DOCTOR DROPPED HIM AS A PATIENT AND THE HOME, HIS REGULAR KIDNEY DOCTOR, THE VA ALL CLAIM THEY WERE NEVER TOLD.  This happened at an assisted living home that has a "flawless" reputation."  And the doctors, the home as well as the VA as I just learned ALL dropped the ball that contributed to Franks death, alone in his room on October 28. I have "rock solid" evidence that I have been gathering and one way or another I plan to see that Frank gets the justice he deserves and to fulfill his last request to go after these bastards and what they did to him. I only wish I had learned the truth sooner so that his life could have been saved. I will follow up in the future as to what is happening with my quest for "Justice for Frank" and the documentary on what happened to him. May God grant him peace and the justice he never received in life.

As of February 17, 2019 my investigation has revealed the massive cover-up in the “slow murder” over 6 weeks of MARINE VETERAN Frank Coiro. The lies and the deception and what they did to him is both heart breaking and an outrage.! It is mind boggling that this can and does happen on a daily basis to the elderly and the veterans and the media and the system keeps it covered-up so they can continue with their wholesale murder of the innocent. The completed expose documentary will have info I just had verified added to it before its final release to the public. THIS STORY NEEDS TO GET OUT THERE IN A BIG WAY! It is YOUR life and YOUR loved one life being played with and taken by a medical system THAT DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN FOR YOU! Join the fight! JUSTICE FOR FRANKIE is a cause FOR ALL THE SICK AND ELDERLY AND VETERANS BEING ABUSED AND DISCARDED!